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Internal wiring for power receiving/distribution panels Internal wiring for generators

Internal wiring for golf carts; wiring for batteries and motors

Wiring for quick battery chargers for electric vehicles

Features of EM-LMFC

EM-LMFC achieves environmentally-friendly, efficient internal wiring for a wide range of electrical panels

Allows use of thinner wires than PVC insulated wires

1.Save space


3.Heat resistance

EM-LMFC Feature1 Halogen-free

EM-LMFC Feature2 Compliance with RoHS Directive

EM-LMFC Feature3 Flame retardancy

EM-LMFC Feature4 Heat resistant up to 110℃

EM-LMFC Feature5 Flexibility

EM-LMFC Feature6 Varnish resistance

EM-LMFC Feature7 Applicable laws

EM-LMFC Feature8 Color variations

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Internal wiring for power receiving / distribution panels

Internal wiring for generators

Internal wiring for golf carts and golf-cart batteries

Wiring for mobile telecommunication stations

Motor wiring

Wiring for quick battery chargers for electric vehicles

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Technical Information

EM-LMFC Structural dimensions table



EM-LMFC current carrying capacity table 600V / 6600V EM-LMFC

EM-LMFC Inventory list

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Can you give specific specifications for EM-LMFC?
Please see our standard specifications documents.
Are eco-wires expensive?
Eco-wire is generally more expensive than conventional wire. EM IE/F typically cost several tens of percent more than IV. However, while EM-LMFC is an eco-wire, costs are comparable to LMFC, allowing you to cost-effectively convert your inventory to EM-LMFC.
EM-LMFC also offers greater current capacity than IV or KIV, allowing use of EM-LMFC of one size thinner. In addition to cutting costs, this helps reduce the weight and size of electrical panels.

Comparison of current capacity
EM-LMFC offers greater current capacity than IV.
Comparison of current capacity
Some equivalent products from other manufacturers have a strong odor. Is this true for EM-LMFC?
We select and use sheath materials for minimal odor. EM-LMFC is all but odorless.
How reliable is the varnish resistance of EM-LMFC?
EM-LMFC offers varnish resistance equivalent or superior to our previous products.*
*Based on evaluations by our test method
Is EM-LMFC available in six colors like IV?
EM-LMFC was developed primarily for electrical panel internal wiring.
We now offer five colors (white, red, green, yellow, and blue) in addition to black in response to customer requests.
Colored EM-LMFC makes it easy to identify wires during wiring processes, even inside small electrical panels. EM-LMFC is the ideal replacement for conventional IV, KIV, and EM-IE/F.
Does EM-LMFC undergo creep deformation in multi wiring configurations?
EM-LMFC insulation is made of thermosetting resin and will not exhibit creep deformation.
This conclusion has been confirmed by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
We have also developed a new type of EM-IE/F that’s less prone to rapid creep deformation at high temperatures. Like EM-LMFC, our new EM-IE/F makes power distribution panels more reliable.
How hot does the surface of wire become with current flow?
Given below are calculated surface temperatures when electric current decreases by 10%, 20%, and 40% from the continuous permissible temperature capacity.
In the case of 600V EM-LMFC (100 mm2)
455A: 100.3°C; 410A: 86.7°C; 365A: 75.5°C; 275A: 58.9°C
Do temperatures rise at crimped terminals?
The results of heat cycle testing carried out in accordance with JIS C 2805 indicate no abnormal temperature increases at terminals.
How does EM-LMFC compare to JIS-compliant products like IV or HIV?
[Example] Continuous permissible temperature
EM-LMFC: 110°C, EM-IE/F: 75°C, IV: 60°C, HIV: 75°C
What correction factors apply for the current carrying capacity of wires at different temperatures?
If the ambient temperature is a value other than 40°C, multiply the current carrying capacity value by the following correction factors:
10°C: 1.20; 20°C: 1.13; 30°C: 1.07; 50°C: 0.93; 60°C: 0.85; 70°C: 0.76; 80°C: 0.65; 90°C: 0.53; 100°C: 0.38
I think of eco-wires as hard/inflexible and prone to discoloration. Is this true for EM-LMFC?
EM-LMFC is an eco-wire version of LMFC. But unlike other eco-wires, it makes no sacrifices in flexibility or resistance to discoloration.
How far can I bend EM-LMFC during wiring?
The allowable bending radius for EM-LMFC is four times the overall diameter.
Example: In the case of EM-LMFC (60 mm2) with an overall diameter of 13.8 mm, the allowable bending radius is 55.2 mm
Can EM-LMFC be used for the internal wiring of power distribution panels?
Although EM-LMFC is not a JIS-designated wire, you can use EM-LMFC in electrical panels that generally require JIS-designated wires to take advantage of EM-LFMC’s superb performance.
In fact, electrical panel manufacturers already use WL1 (600V XLPE insulated wire for rolling stock with specifications equivalent to EM-LMFC).

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